Compact village on the banks of the river Inn, located at an altitude of 1700 meters. It is the smallest of the 11 municipalities in the Upper Engadin. Ideal as a starting point to discover this beautiful region.
Madulain in recent years has become a point of reference for culture lovers in this part of Canton Graubünden thanks to installations such as the "Stalla Madulain" or the presence of a boutique hotel in one of the oldest Engadin houses, the "Chesa Colani". On a steep rocky outcrop above the village lies the ruin of the Guardaval fortified complex, built in 1251 by Chur's Bishop Volkard von Neuburg. A feud of the Planta family in 1377, the fortress was never inhabited and was abandoned as early as the 15th century. In 1543 Madulain separated from Zuoz and became an independent neighbour. The first mention of a church in the village dates back to 1370; the ruined chapel of St. Bartholomew is located on the border with the municipality of Zuoz. Around 1510 the village church was built in late Gothic style; in 1554 the municipality joined the Reformation. In 2000, 22% of the population spoke Romansh and the tertiary sector provided almost half of the jobs  

Not to be missed

La Chesa Colani

La Suosta

Stalla Madulain


The 16th century church


Inhabitants: 220
Altitude: 1700 m asl
Canton: Graubünden