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“The most beautiful villages of Switzerland” is an indipendent, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit association.

The association is nationally active under the following names:  
“I Borghi più belli della Svizzera” (Italian) 
“Les plus beaux Villages de Suisse” (French) 
“Die schönsten Schweizer Dörfer” (German).

Internationally as “The most beautiful Villages in Switzerland”.

The association aims to:

  • preserve and promote rural district or villages, members of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland;
  • gather together and rally in theme tours the villages which meet the criteria established in the "Quality Charter" approved by the Assembly and are classified as "most beautiful villages of Switzerland";
  • inform national and international public on the existence of these villages and define an original quality label for the development of new tourist offers;
  • increase within the villages the need to combine respect for cultural and environmental heritage with economic developments.