Characteristic village in the Val d'Hérens, still very well preserved. Interesting wooden or terracotta houses with stone framed doors and windows and frescoed facades. Typical Cotter mountain pasture.
Evolène, a dialectal term meaning "easy water", refers both to the municipality, its main village, and to a stream of temperate water flowing from the village of the same name. The village of Evolène is the nerve centre of the municipality. The most populated village with almost 800 inhabitants, it is home to the municipal administration and numerous shops and restaurants, particularly along its central street, a particularly lively artery surrounded by traditional buildings typical of local architecture. The parish church, whose patron saint is St. John the Baptist, is built here and is traditionally celebrated on 24 June. Many events take place in the village throughout the year, including Carnival and Midsummer Festival, which highlight local traditions.

Not to be missed

The characteristic wooden houses

Parish church of Saint Jean-Baptiste

The pyramids of Euseigne


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Inhabitants: 1701
Altitude: 1374 m asl
Canton: Valais