Gersau was the smallest republic in the world, but today it is an idyllic tourist destination on Lake Lucerne. Thanks to its mild climate, it is lovingly called the "Riviera of Central Switzerland". From here you can take a day trip to the lake or Mount Rigi. But Gersau also has many beautiful places to visit. This lake village also hosts the famous StradivariFEST music festival every year.
If you come to Gersau, three things will amaze you: the first, a cheerful Mediterranean impression with the palms in the parks and in the front gardens. Secondly, you will be greeted on the street by the locals as if the clocks had been stopped for a long time. And if you look around, you'll come across a story that's gone by, but that tells a lot about Switzerland's understanding of freedom today. For centuries, Gersau was the "Republic of Altfrye", the smallest free state in the world, on an area of 24 square kilometers. The beautiful town on the southern side of the Rigi is located directly on Lake Lucerne. Gersau owes its mild climate and reputation as the "Riviera of Central Switzerland" to the town. Here, in addition to chestnut and fig trees, palm trees flourish, giving the traditional village in the heart of Switzerland an almost Mediterranean atmosphere.

Not to be missed

Lake Lucerne

Municipal museum

Hiking at Rigi-Scheidegg


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Inhabitants: 2330
Altitude: 435 m asl
Canton: Schwyz