The pass village of Splügen lies at 1458 m above sea level and has about 420 inhabitants. Since 1 January 2019 Splügen, Hinterrhein, Nufenenen and Medels have formed the municipality of Rheinwald.
Compact village at the bifurcation of the Spluga and San Bernardino pass roads. Originally it was inhabited by settlers from Schams. In 1219 Petrus and Albertus de Speluga signed the peace treaty between Schams and Chiavenna. Around 1290 Walser settlers, mostly from the Formazza valley and the village of Simplon, settled in Splügen from Hinterrhein. Probably in this context the barons von Vaz built a fortress to the west of the village. From the 15th century, traffic on the pass road and the transit of goods gained in importance. In 1443 the counts von Werdenberg-Sargans granted Splügen an annual fair and a weekly market. After the opening of the San Bernardino motorway tunnel (1967) it became a tourist destination, especially for winter sports.

Not to be missed

Walser houses


Splügen castle


The 16th century church


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Inhabitants: 420
Altitude: 1458m asl.
Canton: Graubünden