The first Lords of Valangin are mentioned in the 12th century; before 1215 their fiefdom passed to the Counts of Aarberg, a cadet branch of the Neuchâtel family, who governed the village until 1592. The Aarberg family was responsible for the construction of the castle and the fortified walls with nine semi-circular towers between the 13th and 16th centuries.
After crossing the Seyon gorges, which often emerge from the fog of the Costa, the motorist, whether a passing visitor or a regular visitor to the region, is greeted by the imposing and majestic Château de Valangin massif. Gateway to Val-de-Ruz, coming from Neuchâtel, our village has often been described as a "hole". But you have to live here to discover the charm of this place surrounded by forests, lulled by the murmur of the Seyon and Sorghum, protected from the winds by the surrounding hills; Valangin breathes calm and good air, spared by the town's furnace in summer and fog in winter. Enchanting paths, including the "Voie Révolutionnaire", allow you to reach Valangin through the forest, from Neuchâtel, Peseux, or the old villages of Val-de-Ruz. A place for relaxation and picnics welcomes hikers at the entrance to the forest in the direction of Fenin. The famous Gibet, which in the days of the Lords of Valangin was used to hang thugs and courtiers too eager to be with their wives, offers an unobstructed view of Lake Neuchâtel. The village, which harmoniously blends a very rich historical past and the 21st century, currently has 505 inhabitants, several small buildings have been created and the population is growing year by year. With an area of 376 hectares, much of it in the form of forests, Valangin is not an agricultural village, as it has only four farms. Sawmills and Indian industry were the main activities at the beginning of the 20th century until 2007, when the last remaining sawmill closed down.

Not to be missed

The Castle

The Bourg

The collegiate church of St. Peter


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Inhabitants: 505
Altitude: 951 m asl
Canton: Neuchâtel